January 2016 - Pickens County First Steps

“[I CAN] be ready for school” series: 10 Everyday Ways to Develop Gross Motor Skills in Your Young Child

Last week we talked about “fine motor skills,” which is just a fancy term for use of hands. This week we’re talking about another key component in child development and school readiness: gross motor skills.

These skills are larger movements that a child makes with arms, legs, feet and his entire body. Running, jumping, climbing — these are all part of a child’s gross motor development.

While fine motor skills — like writing, sorting, cutting — are obvious for school readiness, you may wonder why gross motor skills are so important. Other than a child enjoying her time on the playground […]

“[I CAN] be ready for school” series: 10 simple ways to develop fine motor skills in your young child

1:01 pm

As part of our school readiness series, we’re talking this week about “fine motor skills,” which is just a fancy term for use of the hands.

Fine motor skills are important because they enable children to button shirts, count with coins, sort blocks, cut with safety scissors, zip zippers, and draw with crayons and pencils.

The skills we grown-ups take for granted can be frustrating for preschoolers to master. But they’re vital for school readiness!

A child who begins school and can’t cut with scissors might spend his precious time and energy […]

A FREE Reading Calendar to Keep Your Young Child Learning All Year Long!

6:00 am

Literacy is just a fancy word for reading and writing. So when we talk about promoting early literacy for young children, we’re simply talking about the very first building blocks. Did you know that simple activities like talking and singing to your children directly affect brain development and prepare young minds for reading?

A great tool for building early literacy is the Day by Day SC Project. Many people don’t know about this fantastic, free resource available to everyone.

When you go to daybydaysc.org, you will automatically see simple, themed, preschool-age activities for that day: a […]