October 2018 - Pickens County First Steps

The Brain-Changing Power of Talking, Singing, and Pointing During Your Baby’s First Year!

A post from The Palmetto Basics.

Children learn language from the moment they are born. Day by day, babies learn that sounds have meaning. Every time you talk, sing, or point, you provide clues to the meaning of your words.

We neglect the power and significance of interactions like talking, singing and pointing because they seem so simple. But simplicity is what makes them so wonderful. Anyone can talk, sing, or point when interacting with a baby or young child.

Researchers found that when mothers communicate with their newborns, babies learn almost 300 more words by the age […]

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Free Storytime Fun for Preschoolers in Pickens County!

8:41 pm

Pickens County First Steps is excited to share the many early literacy opportunities provided by our local schools and library branches!

With read-alouds, songs, movement, and more, preschool programs incorporate The Palmetto Basics, which help give every child a great start in life!

You don’t need to be zoned for a certain school to participate in their program. Each story time is free and open to the public.

Special thanks to United Way of Pickens County Preschool Pages initiative and School District of Pickens County for their partnership in these programs!

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