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Why PARENTS are the greatest school readiness superheroes of all!

10:23 am

We’ve spent the last few weeks talking about the team of people in our own communities who get young children ready for school.

This week we’re shining a spotlight on the greatest superheroes of all: PARENTS.

Despite the vital role that early intervention, education, libraries, faith communities, and all our community superheroes play in getting kids ready for school, research consistently shows that the greatest superheroes of all are parents.

Whether it’s through family dinners, the security and boundaries that positive discipline provides, reading aloud, knowing that talking is teaching, or simple family outings {going […]

3 Ways You Can Serve Vulnerable Families in Our Community. Right Now.

12:38 pm

Pickens County First Steps joins hands with local partners who offer direct services to young children and their families in our area.

The winter holidays are a particularly crucial time to highlight the needs around us and shine a light on the ways we can help. This is also a time when our county’s homeless population, which includes many young children, deals with plummeting temperatures and increased scarcity of the resources most of us take for granted.

We want to highlight specific ways YOU can give to our community now and in the coming weeks.


1. Donate […]

Shop for Your Family and Serve Local Families in Need. The Dream Center Resale Shop Grand Opening!

12:30 pm

The Dream Center has been assisting Pickens County families in powerful, life-altering ways since 2012. A primary focus is a mentoring program for people living in poverty. The program empowers people to make different choices by offering incentives, rewards, and guidance in budgeting, money management, parenting, and employment.

Now YOU can help The Dream Center further their impact and become financially self-sustaining simply by doing what you already enjoy: shopping.

The needs among Pickens County families are great. When our local partners are financially equipped, they can pour resources directly into the programs that bring restoration to familes […]

Why Preschoolers and Senior Citizens Should Hang Out

6:00 am

Sunday is National Grandparents Day. The benefits of grandparents in a young child’s life — the love, the patience, the family connectedness, {the spoiling} — are obvious.

But the benefits and blessings of grandparents go beyond warm fuzzies and soft laps and extra dessert after dinner.

Intergenerational relationships — whether it’s with grandparents, retired neighbors, seniors in our faith-based communties, or local nursing homes — are needful as young children learn to connect with those in a vastly different stage of life.

In light of Grandparents Day and the love we have for the older ones in our lives, we thought […]

3 Simple Ways to Turn Everyday Tasks into Learning Opportunities

Recently my family subscribed to a meal subscription service just for fun. A cooler box arrived on my doorstep with the recipes and ingredients, all labeled and measured, for two delicious meals.

While we still had to do the actual cooking and cleaning up, it was a nice break from figuring out what to fix for dinner and a fun way to try new dishes. Best of all, it was a great opportunity to include my kids in the kitchen. My son told me afterward that cooking together was his favorite part of the day.

Though my children are no […]

School Readiness Superheroes: PARENTS, the greatest superheroes in the universe!

7:01 am

Are you ready for school? As always, the lazy days of summer fly by and before we’re ready, a new school year begins. For Pickens County students, that’s next week! {How can it be?}

But what is true school readiness? That’s what we’ve been talking about the last couple of weeks on the blog.

It takes a team to get each child ready for school. And YOU — as parents, coaches, librarians, health care providers, early childhood teachers — are a critical part of that team.

The mission of  First Steps is to create a community where children […]