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Is Your Child Ready for School? Get your FREE Readiness Tool!

At Pickens County First Steps, we are all about school readiness.

But what does true school readiness actually mean? You may think it means having all the latest supplies or having a five-year-old who can read. But readiness has little to do with supplies and academic skills. Readiness simply means a child is ready to learn. If that sounds overwhelming or confusing, we have good news:

Readiness doesn’t have to be complicated. 

We’ve created a FREE resource that can help you build a readiness foundation for the children in your care:

6 Everyday […]

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“[I CAN] be ready for school” series: 3 Simple Tips for Cultivating Curiosity & Social Readiness

School readiness can feel overwhelming. But we hope you’re beginning to see that school readiness and life readiness go hand in hand!
Loving your kids by providing a safe home, keeping them healthy, reading together, and establishing simple routines are all part of a school readiness foundation.

Involvement in the lives of young children in your community, through your church or neighborhood, is another building block in the readiness foundation.
But it’s also helpful to know specific ways that we can send our children to school prepared. In this short series, we’ve covered fine motor skills, gross […]

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“[I CAN] be ready for school”: 7 Everyday Ways to Build a Literacy Foundation

This week we’re talking about everyday ways to build a literacy foundation.

We believe that simple practices create lasting foundations. School readiness and life readiness go hand in hand. So why not begin blending the two when children are young?

Literacy building blocks are some of the easiest readiness components to blend into the everyday. Which is good. Because a strong literacy foundation lays the groundwork for so much of learning!

Before we begin, know that literacy readiness does not mean your kindergartener is reading. Rather, it means that he or she should have a “pre […]

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“[I CAN] be ready for school” series: 5 Everyday Ways to Get Ready for Math

We’ve been talking here on the blog about the everyday ways we can help the young children in our lives cultivate school readiness. So far we’ve talked about fine motor skills {like coloring and cutting with scissors} and gross motor skills {like jumping and running.}

This week we’re talking about simple ways we can build math foundations. 

We’re using words like “simple” and “everyday” because preparing our children can be part of our daily routines. Readiness doesn’t mean math manipulatives from the education store and stacks of workbooks. It doesn’t mean fancy […]

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“[I CAN] be ready for school” series: 10 Everyday Ways to Develop Gross Motor Skills in Your Young Child

Last week we talked about “fine motor skills,” which is just a fancy term for use of hands. This week we’re talking about another key component in child development and school readiness: gross motor skills.

These skills are larger movements that a child makes with arms, legs, feet and his entire body. Running, jumping, climbing — these are all part of a child’s gross motor development.

While fine motor skills — like writing, sorting, cutting — are obvious for school readiness, you may wonder why gross motor skills are so important. Other than a child enjoying her time on the playground […]

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10 Everyday Ways [YOU CAN] Help Create Ready Learners Right Where You Are! #ICanSC

This week, South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness unveiled the “Profile of the Ready Kindergartner” – the new description of school readiness for the State of South Carolina and the [I CAN] public awareness campaign to promote it statewide.

We know what you might be thinking:

Why is “school readiness”  important enough for a statewide awareness campaign?

What does “readiness” mean in real language?

How does it apply to regular people like you and me?

When most of us think of educational readiness, we probably think of older learners like those graduating from high school. {Such as SC’s “Profile […]

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