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Why playtime matters for kindergarten + 12 everyday ideas for summer!

We know it’s important for kids to get plenty of playtime and exercise, right? After all, young children have LOTS of energy. Moving their body provides a great outlet and helps keep them healthy.

But did you know that playtime and exercise are actually an important part of school readiness?

These large movements that a child makes with arms, legs, feet and their entire body are called “gross motor skills.”

While “fine motor skills”— like writing, sorting, cutting — may seem more obvious for kindergarten, perhaps you’re wondering why gross motor skills are so important. Other than […]

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10 Everyday Ways Your Child Can Explore Through Movement & Play (even when it’s hot outside)

A post from The Palmetto Basics. 

There’s a reason young children have boundless energy and are wired to move. Science shows that for a child’s brain to fully mature, it needs stimulation through movement and sensory experiences. Each stage of development comes with new opportunities for learning. For example, an infant might explore by touching, grasping, chewing, or crawling. A toddler might explore by walking or climbing.

Physical activity and curiosity don’t simply build a strong body; they build a strong brain!

This is why one of the 5 Basics is “Explore Through Movement and Play.”

It […]

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5 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids Into Books This Summer

6:00 am

If you’re anything like me, you have high hopes to get your kids into lots and lots of books over the summer. But the lazy days, the lure of the almighty screen, and the protests of reluctant readers can derail our bookish good intentions.

My own family consists of one kid who’s a voracious reader, one kid who’s a reluctant reader, and one kid who’s still an emerging reader. Keeping up with such a wide array of ages, stages, and book appetites is no small task.

At Pickens County First Steps, we want to encourage you […]

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