Ready Rosie is HERE!


We’ve been so excited about this.

We wanted to make early education accessible to every family in our community.

We wanted to model family engagement in a way that’s real and relatable instead of removed and institutional.

Because school readiness is life readiness. And it doesn’t need to be complicated.

That’s why we’re SO excited to offer Ready Rosie to EVERY FAMILY in Pickens County.


What is Ready Rosie?

ReadyRosie is an early education tool that is currently helping schools and communities across the nation. Using technology, it meets parents and caregivers right where they are. ReadyRosie has hundreds of brief videos in English and Spanish that model everyday interactions in familiar environments with real parents.

Ready Rosie puts readiness in the hands of those who are on the front lines of cultivating quality early experiences for children — caregivers and families.

Why are FAMILIES so important to school readiness and life readiness?

• Research has shown that family engagement is a predictor of academic achievement and social/emotional outcomes.

• No matter their race, ethnicity, culture, or income, most families have high aspirations and concerns for their children’s success.

• Families play a larger role in language development than even preschool teachers.

• Math skills early on are predictive of literacy skills later on.

• Teacher outreach to parents was related to strong and consistent gains in student performance in both reading and math.

• The most effective forms of family involvement are those which engage Families in working directly with their children on learning activities at home.

• Family Engagement is no longer an after-thought. It must be a priority.

* Research provided by


“How do I sign up for Ready Rosie?”

It’s easy.

ReadyRosie can be delivered to registered users via email, text message, or our mobile app.

CLICK HERE to register.

Every zip code within Pickens County has been provided free to registered users by Pickens County First Steps.


“How do I spread the word to families within my agency, children’s ministry, or child care center?”

You can direct them to the registration page at If you’d like promotional materials, let us know by contacting pickensinfo at gmail dot com or call 864-654-3000.


Check out this video for a sample of what Ready Rosie offers.



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By Marian Vischer, Communications Coordinator

2 responses on “Ready Rosie is HERE!

  1. amy says:

    Thank you for the resources. How is the app to be used? Do we choose one activity per day and check it off, or try to do it everyday? Thanks!

    • PCFS says:

      It’s all up to you! If you sign up on the Ready Rosie website, you will receive a weekly push down via text to your phone or e-mail address. Signing in via the app allows you to choose the age of your child and the activity path that you would like.

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