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Get this FREE Resource for Kids and Your Summer Can Soar!

Summer can be an amazing time to build family connections and nurture healthy brains through real-world opportunities. But many families can’t take vacations or secure transportation to places like libraries and museums. For many children, summer can actually be a time of learning loss. And this learning loss contributes to gaps down the road in school achievement and wage earning.

But we believe that every parent or caregiver can provide enrichment through everyday life, regardless of resources or educational background.

And that’s why we’re so excited about Summer Soar from Ready Rosie.

If you […]

Ready Rosie is HERE!

11:19 pm

We’ve been so excited about this.

We wanted to make early education accessible to every family in our community.

We wanted to model family engagement in a way that’s real and relatable instead of removed and institutional.

Because school readiness is life readiness. And it doesn’t need to be complicated.

That’s why we’re SO excited to offer Ready Rosie to EVERY FAMILY in Pickens County.


What is Ready Rosie?

ReadyRosie is an early education tool that is currently helping schools and communities across the nation. Using technology, it meets parents and caregivers […]

3 Simple Ways to Enjoy a New Season With Young Children

1:59 pm

Cooler mornings, football games, apple-picking — a new season is here and so is our inspiration to get outside and enjoy this beautiful world.

Young children are the most delightful explorers of the world around us. We tend to forget that the natural world is still new to them. Everything — from the roly-poly creeping across the sidewalk, to the crunchy leaves along the path — is worthy of a complete halt and investigation. As grown-ups, it’s second nature for us to hurry them along. We have things to do and places to be.

But what if we built […]

How the LIBRARY Gets Your Kids Ready for School!

11:44 am

It takes a team to get each child ready for school. And YOU — as parents, coaches, librarians, health care providers, teachers, childcare workers, and community members — are a critical part of that team.

We want to shine a spotlight on our school-readiness team right here in Pickens County. Each week leading up to school, we’ll have a post here on a blog that highlights some of our superheroes who are helping kids become ready learners. Our hope is that you’ll become connected with those in our community, learn more about what they do, and pass their services […]

3 Simple Tools to Inspire More Family Connection This Summer

11:39 am

The slower pace of summer has a way of inspiring us toward quality family togetherness, regardless of our kids’ ages and stages.

We’ve compiled a short list of some favorite tools that provide meaningful, doable inspiration for greater family connections this summer.

1. The Family Dinner Project: A growing movement of food, fun and conversation about things that matter.

{In their words} Family dinner! We all know it’s a good thing. It’s the perfect time to bond with your family, promote healthy eating and unwind with a delicious meal. But with the craziness of daily […]

“[I CAN] be ready for school”: 7 Everyday Ways to Build a Literacy Foundation

This week we’re talking about everyday ways to build a literacy foundation.

We believe that simple practices create lasting foundations. School readiness and life readiness go hand in hand. So why not begin blending the two when children are young?

Literacy building blocks are some of the easiest readiness components to blend into the everyday. Which is good. Because a strong literacy foundation lays the groundwork for so much of learning!

Before we begin, know that literacy readiness does not mean your kindergartener is reading. Rather, it means that he or she should have a “pre […]