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Everyday math activities that don’t feel like math

*a post from The Palmetto Basics

Building early math skills doesn’t have to be one more thing you need to do as a parent or caregiver. There are endless ways to make numbers and problem-solving part of everyday life with young children. Here are 3 simple ideas for weaving math into your daily rhythms!

1. Math in the kitchen

Measuring. Even if your young childr doesn’t understand the concept of numbers, you’re teaching them that numbers are part of everyday life. Young children love to […]

6 Simple Ways You Can Support Language Learning with Your Young Child

(a post from The Palmetto Basics)

If you’re a parent or caregiver, you already have the superpowers you need to help your child learn to communicate! You don’t need a degree in speech or child development. You don’t need books written by experts or expensive educational toys. Babies learn to talk from being talked to.

Talking, singing, and pointing with your baby from the very beginning are some of the most important things you can do to build a strong and healthy brain! 

Children learn language from the […]

Everyday Ways We Can All Help Prevent Child Abuse

Perhaps you’ve seen blue pinwheels spinning in the green spaces of local businesses, parks, and community organizations. That’s because April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the pinwheel is a symbol of the happy, healthy childhoods all children deserve.

Though often seen as a private matter, research shows that the impact of abuse and neglect extends far beyond the home.  It causes a ripple effect of abuse and trauma throughout our communities and institutions.

Pickens County First Steps is all about creating a community where children are ready for school. Yet we know that abuse has particular impact […]

The most important thing when reading to baby + 7 simple tips!

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* a post from The Palmetto Basics 

Perhaps you’ve heard that you should read to your child from the time they’re born. It’s a way to help them develop a love for books and receive the many benefits of reading as they get older. But perhaps you’ve wondered if this is really practical. How can a baby engage with a book or understand a story? How can a baby possibly have a sufficient attention span to get through a story?

When you read to your baby, you have one primary purpose: providing a positive experience with […]

7 simple, doable, low-energy tips for parents who don’t love to play!

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(a post from The Palmetto Basics)

If hearing the question, “Mommy, will you play with me?” makes you feel tired, overwhelmed, or guilty, you’re not alone. Some parents enjoy playing with their children more than others, but don’t feel guilty if you’re not one of them. Meeting the daily demands of parenting and life are already a lot; being your child’s playmate can simply feel like one more thing you need to do!

Yet play is vitally important for children and especially important during the early years when a child’s brain growth is […]

Are you a parent or caregiver feeling added holiday stress? These 5 tips can help!

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(from The Palmetto Basics)

The holiday season can be a wonderful time for young children and for those who care for them. The festivities and traditions take on a magical quality when seen through the eyes of a child.

But as we all know, the holidays can also be a stressful time. Extra treats, later bedtimes, disruptions to normal family rhythms, financial strain, and the expectations of extended family can add to the stress. When you consider the unique challenges we face at the another unprecedented year, it’s no wonder we’re overwhelmed.

Here are 5 […]

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