Why Preschoolers and Senior Citizens Should Hang Out

Sunday is National Grandparents Day. The benefits of grandparents in a young child’s life — the love, the patience, the family connectedness, {the spoiling} — are obvious.

But the benefits and blessings of grandparents go beyond warm fuzzies and soft laps and extra dessert after dinner.

Intergenerational relationships — whether it’s with grandparents, retired neighbors, seniors in our faith-based communties, or local nursing homes — are needful as young children learn to connect with those in a vastly different stage of life.

In light of Grandparents Day and the love we have for the older ones in our lives, we thought it would be fun to share this story from some innovative educators who dared to ask:

What if you could take all the best things about kids — like their honesty, energy, or optimism — and all the best things about seniors — their stories, patience, and worldly wisdom — and put all that magic in the same room?

It’s a story about a preschool and a nursing home rolled into one and the beautiful benefits for everyone involed, even though they’re at opposite ends of life.

Thank you, grandparents and other seniors in our lives, for nurturing our children and for nurturing us as parents. Thank you for the wisdom and perspective you share!

{And also for the cookies.}

GRAND PARENT QUOTES | Grandparent Quotes – National Grandparents Day:

Parents, we encourage you to foster relationships between your young children and the older members of your family or community. It can be a beautiful connection for all involved!


Who are the favorite seniors in your child’s life?

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By Marian Vischer, Communications Coordinator
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