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The Most Important Thing Your Kindergartener Needs

4:18 pm

There’s no shortage of information out there on school readiness. It’s an important mission and we’ve enjoyed sharing posts and lists over the summer months to equip parents and caregivers as they prepare their rising kindergarteners for the transition of school.

But in all of the useful tips, creative ideas, and must-read books, it’s easy to lose sight of the most important thing your young child needs as they begin school:

Feeling loved and secure

It’s more important than knowing all of their letters and numbers or having strong fine motor skills […]

How to Find a Quality Childcare Center for Your Child

Trusting your young child to another caregiver — whether at a church, local child development center, or someone’s home — is an overwhelming decision.

Because early experiences lay such a crucial foundation for a child’s life, evidence shows that finding a quality child center is a key component of school readiness. We want to help make that decision easier for you by providing you with:

An understanding of a “quality” center
A childcare checklist
The right questions to ask
A link to find local childcare centers
Ways to find affordable local childcare for low-income parent

These are 5 […]

Get this FREE Resource for Kids and Your Summer Can Soar!

Summer can be an amazing time to build family connections and nurture healthy brains through real-world opportunities. But many families can’t take vacations or secure transportation to places like libraries and museums. For many children, summer can actually be a time of learning loss. And this learning loss contributes to gaps down the road in school achievement and wage earning.

But we believe that every parent or caregiver can provide enrichment through everyday life, regardless of resources or educational background.

And that’s why we’re so excited about Summer Soar from Ready Rosie.

If you […]

How Loving the Kids & Families in Your Faith Community Helps Prevent Child Abuse

4:45 pm

Recently my family served in our church’s nursery. A weary mom dropped her two young children off in their appropriate classrooms on the nursery hall and then made her way to the worship service, with a baby on her hip.

I remember those days well.

If ever there’s a population who needs the rest, perspective, and renewal that their faith community provides, surely it’s the parents of young children.

Yet many churches are struggling to keep their nurseries staffed and provide the necessary childcare for summer programs like VBS. Parents with young children, the ones who most […]

How Your Everyday Generosity Helps Prevent Child Abuse

12:50 pm

Moms and Dads don’t begin their journeys as parents planning to abuse or neglect their children.

Any one of us may think we’re above taking out our stress on children until one day, we find ourselves strangled by external pressures and talking to our own children through clenched teeth and with a tone that’s harsher than we’d want anyone to hear.

Usually that’s where it ends but what about when it doesn’t? What about parents whose stress keeps unraveling until they strike out at their children in abusive ways?

Though we could take a […]

How Taking a Meal to a New Mom Helps Prevent Child Abuse

12:29 pm

A Baby Story

My first child came into the world believing that sleep was optional. She grew into a toddler who also believed that sleep was optional and is now a teenager who is the last one to fall asleep at sleepovers.

All of those baby books written by baby experts talked about how much sleep newborns need and how I should expect my precious new baby to sleep more than she was awake.

Sadly, the baby experts were wrong when it came to my particular child.

It didn’t take long for the chronic sleep deprivation to […]

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