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6 Everyday Ideas to Get Your Kindergartner Ready for Math!

Did you know that children actually come into the world “pre-wired” for math?

The little years are the very best window for introducing simple math ideas to young minds. These summer weeks leading up to kindergarten are a perfect time to blend math skills and conversations into everyday life. Best of all, we want to show you how to make it fun for you and your child!

Here are 6 simple ways to help your rising kindergartener get ready for math:

1. Count

Whether a child is only a year old or five years old, children love […]

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7 Simple Ideas for Exploring through Movement and Play (and why your child’s brain needs it!)

12:00 pm

Young children are born “movers.” A child’s first 12-18 months of life are filled with exciting “movement milestones!”

– Learning to raise her head and look around

– Raising up his torso while having tummy time on the floor

– Flailing tiny arms and kicking newborn feet during diaper changes

– Rolling over, scooting, and crawling

– Taking those first wobbly steps

– Learning to run, fall, and get back up again

And that’s just the beginning of a young child’s relationship with movement and play!

There’s a reason young children have boundless energy and are wired to move. Science shows […]

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8 Simple Ways to Build a Strong Foundation for Math

*a post from The Palmetto Basics

“I’m just not a math person.”

We’ve all heard someone say this. Maybe you’ve said it yourself.

As adults, we know our own strengths and weaknesses, and this awareness can lead us to believe that we don’t have what it takes to equip our young children, especially if it’s in an area where we haven’t had success.

That’s why many of us say, “I’m just not a math person!”

But think about this:

Would you refrain from tossing a ball to your child because […]

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Narrate life from the beginning! Your child’s brain depends on it.

5:56 pm
A post from The Palmetto Basics

Did you know that children learn language through relationship? They depend on parents and caregivers to talk and engage with them. This is how language develops and how babies begin to learn about the world around them. When it comes to brain development, talking and human interactions are literal superpowers, building a young child’s brain architecture in ways that will last a lifetime.

If this feels like a lot of work, don’t be overwhelmed. A child’s brain will naturally develop through daily exposure to conversation. Everyday life is filled […]

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5 Simple (yet powerful) Ways YOU Can Help Parents Maximize Love & Manage Stress!

12:21 pm
(a post from The Palmetto Basics)

It takes a village to raise a child.

We’ve heard this saying so much in recent years that we may have forgotten how true and powerful it is. Loving communities and great childhoods go hand in hand!

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and it’s important to understand how the very first Basic, “Maximize Love and Manage Stress,” is the best way to promote great childhoods and help prevent child abuse within our own homes and communities.

What do we mean by “Maximize Love?”  Children thrive when their […]

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Real talk about making read-aloud time a positive experience for your child AND for you!

(a post from the Palmetto Basics)

Perhaps you already know that it’s never too early to begin reading to your child, that you can begin reading to them from the moment they’re born. Since 80% of a child’s brain development happens during the first three years of life, it’s important that parents and caregivers begin as early as possible!

But this message of reading to babies and very young children may seem impractical. After all, babies can’t yet understand the meaning of words or comprehend a story. Toddlers often can’t sit still […]

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