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3 Things You Can Do TODAY to Maximize Love & Manage Stress

12:00 pm

(A post from The Palmetto Basics)

Why is it so important to be parents and caregivers who “maximize love?” Because  love is foundational to a child’s health and success. It’s the number one thing every child needs and deserves. Children thrive when their world seems loving, safe, and predictable, and when parents are able to respond to their child’s needs with love

And for a parent to be able to maximize love, they have to learn how to manage their own stress. This means taking steps to avoid unnecessary stress and learning to cope effectively when stress […]

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Building a Healthy Brain with Books: 8 Simple Tips!

(A post from The Palmetto Basics)

Eighty percent of brain growth happens within the first three years of life. During these early years, infants and toddlers absorb massive amounts of information from interacting with other people. This early learning becomes the foundation for all future learning!

One of the most important ways to seize the opportunity of the early years is through reading to your young child just 15 minutes a day. The more we read to young children, the more prepared they become to enjoy reading and do well in school.

When you read to […]

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6 Everyday Ideas to Get Your Kindergartner Ready for Math!

Did you know that children actually come into the world “pre-wired” for math?

The little years are the very best window for introducing simple math ideas to young minds. These summer weeks leading up to kindergarten are a perfect time to blend math skills and conversations into everyday life. Best of all, we want to show you how to make it fun for you and your child!

Here are 6 simple ways to help your rising kindergartener get ready for math:

1. Count

Whether a child is only a year old or five years old, children love […]

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Why playtime matters for kindergarten + 12 everyday ideas for summer!

We know it’s important for kids to get plenty of playtime and exercise, right? After all, young children have LOTS of energy. Moving their body provides a great outlet and helps keep them healthy.

But did you know that playtime and exercise are actually an important part of school readiness?

These large movements that a child makes with arms, legs, feet and their entire body are called “gross motor skills.”

While “fine motor skills”— like writing, sorting, cutting — may seem more obvious for kindergarten, perhaps you’re wondering why gross motor skills are so important. Other than […]

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How to Create a Kindergarten Learning Station in Your Home (in less than 5 minutes!)

We often take for granted the everyday skills a child needs when they begin kindergarten! School transition can be an even bigger adjustment for children who haven’t developed “fine motor skills.” (This is just a fancy term for use of hands.) Fine motor skills refer to the small muscles in our hands and fingers that are required to do big work every day.

Your child will need to develop the muscles required to color, cut, paste, and hold a pencil. Summer can be a great time to work on these skills and build muscles they’ll need […]

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Ready for Kindergarten: 3 Simple Ways to Work on Independence and Responsibility at Home

Your child’s new kindergarten routine will require personal responsibility, new listening skills, and the ability to finish tasks. If children haven’t been used to taking ownership of simple tasks at home, school can be overwhelming for them as they adjust.

The good news is that summer is a great time to begin practicing!

Young children actually take great pride in being able to do things by themselves. They are usually able to take on more responsibility than you think; it’s simply a matter of giving them opportunities to practice.

Though it might be quicker and less stressful […]

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