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I’m not sure my 7-year-old is clear about the 4th of July. He simply associates this significant national holiday with fireworks, popsicles, and swimming in the lake with cousins. The whole independence thing is lost on him.

He’s the baby of the family and it’s no secret that my enthusiasm for teaching my kids ALL THE THINGS has waned a bit since my eager, earlier days of motherhood.

But today, my local library came to the rescue.

Serendipity smiled on us as we walked in to return a few books and grab some new ones. My youngest spied the holiday books of the juvenile section. Though I had to steer him away from Halloween selections, it dawned on me that we could have fun learning about our nation’s independence and the 4th of July simply by grabbing a few books from the seasonal shelves. Best of all, it’s free.

Adults can get in on the fun too. Next time you’re at the library, pay attention to special selections they’ve pulled just to spark our interest. For example, our library has a fantastic display of irresistible beach novels and another vignette of American History books. It’s a great opportunity to read a new genre and get an education of your own.

While it’s tempting to bombard our young children with facts and dates and information, they learn best through story.

{We adults aren’t so different.} Plus it’s a great way to slow down, curl up on the sofa, and connect with your child.

If you’d like some specific recommendations on patriotic books for the young child, here’s a great list to get you started. Follow us on Pinterest for more favorite book recommendations!


4th of july books
Source: No Time For Flashcards

What are YOUR favorite holiday books? You can share with us in the comments or through our communities on Facebook and Twitter.


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