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Overwhelmed as a parent of a baby or young child? You just need “The Basics.”

There’s never been a point in history where more information and resources have been available to parents. And while information can be helpful, it can also be overwhelming.

The more information we take in, the easier it becomes to lose sight of the basics. Parenting, something that humans have been doing since the beginning of time, now feels complicated and confusing.

Perhaps you worry about “spoiling” your baby.

Maybe you feel like there’s a specific way you should be diapering or feeding or scheduling.

Has it always been this complicated?


Raise your hand if you’d like […]

Why You Need to Know About the Word Gap + 7 SIMPLE Ways to Make a Difference

In 1995, a famous study* found that lower-income children are exposed to 30 million fewer words than their higher-income peers. Research since then consistently confirms this “word gap” that exists among young children.

30 million words.

Think about the implications. Children who don’t have as many words in their “word bank” are less ready for school, less prepared for academic success, and less able to follow instructions.

“Quality early experiences” isn’t simply a idealistic notion touted by educators and advocates. Early experiences matter because they prepare developing brains and bodies for life.

A FREE Resource to Keep Your Young Child Learning All Year Long

10:19 pm

Literacy is just a fancy word for reading and writing. So when we talk about promoting early literacy for young children, we’re simply talking about the very first building blocks. Did you know that simple activities like talking and singing to your children directly affect brain development and prepare young minds for reading?

A great tool for building early literacy is the Day by Day SC Project. Many people don’t know about this fantastic, free resource available to everyone.

When you go to, you will automatically see simple, themed, preschool-age activities for that day: a […]

5 Tips to Help Your Young Child Transition to School

It’s an important week for our kids and we want to help you through these days of big transitions!

Know that it’s normal for there to be tears and fears and for the transition to be less than smooth, especially for younger children starting school for the first time. Everything from separation anxiety to changes in routine can feel scary and disruptive.

Each child is different. Some children handle transitions with wide open enthusiasm. Others are cautious but compliant. And some little ones may have an emotional meltdown.

Don’t fret if your child doesn’t handle transitions […]

How Early Childhood Teachers and “Book Flood” Get Children Ready for School

9:46 am

With back-to-school events happening as we speak, it’s officially time to start getting ready for the fall schedule. But what is true school readiness? That’s what we’ve been talking about the last couple of weeks on the blog.

It takes a team to get each child ready for school. And YOU — as parents, coaches, librarians, health care providers, early childhood teachers — are a critical part of that team.

The mission of  First Steps is to create a community where children are ready for school. We’re shining a spotlight on some of our school readiness […]

How the LIBRARY Gets Your Kids Ready for School!

11:44 am

It takes a team to get each child ready for school. And YOU — as parents, coaches, librarians, health care providers, teachers, childcare workers, and community members — are a critical part of that team.

We want to shine a spotlight on our school-readiness team right here in Pickens County. Each week leading up to school, we’ll have a post here on a blog that highlights some of our superheroes who are helping kids become ready learners. Our hope is that you’ll become connected with those in our community, learn more about what they do, and pass their services […]